Kamloops and District Labour Council – Monday, June 20, 2022 14:24:39 Asks:

Millions of jobs were lost during the pandemic. Describe how you will advocate for replacing those lost jobs with good union jobs.

This is a tough question to answer. Prior to covid, Canada's employment numbers were at 19.15 Million at their highest in Feb '20 and dropped sharply to 16.15 M in April '20 according to StatsCan. Our Employment numbers have already passed pre-covid levels and are at 19.5M as of August '22. So according to the data, we've already replaced these jobs.

Now the problem lies in creating fair working conditions for many of these new jobs. We are actually facing a labor shortage in most fields at this moment, so many employers are providing new incentives and higher wages in attempts to attract new workers. I don't think union jobs will be able to replace many of the existing jobs but that many workplaces will shift in time to union environments.

I believe we will see an increase of existing workplaces voting in unions to represent their workforces, much like our local Sephora store - the first unionized Sephora in all of North America! We will see opportunities for unions to strengthen the rights of workers in various workplaces as the workers become more educated to and understanding of their rights and freedoms. As this occurs, these workers will seek out a strong voice to represent their shared concerns, which will provide plenty of opportunities for unions to help employees.