Jun 20, 2022 at 2:32 pm
City Councillor Mayor School Trustee 73 - TEA1

Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Have you ever been a candidate or volunteered in a previous civic, provincial, or federal election? If so, please give details.

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

I ran with the Vision Kamloops team in 2014. Unfortunately we did not start our campaigning until the fall of that election season which didn't give me enough time to get my name 'out there.'

Katie Neustaeter

Candidate for City Councillor

Yes. I have volunteered on campaigns at all 3 levels of government throughout my lifetime. That experience can be credited with a lot of my commitment to civic responsibility and a sense of the need for community belonging today.

That being said, I have found that as our society has changed and polarization and political extremes are increasingly the norm, I am less inclined to entirely hitch my wagon to a singular party at any level of government.
That is why municipal politics appeal to me so strongly at this moment in time. The ability to make an individual vote based on my ethics, the voices of our most effected community members, and the overarching needs of our city must be paramount in our decision-making at this critical juncture.

The benefit of being a candidate with no slate, no party platform, and no voting block is that I can make decisions based on what I hear from the constituents who are most impacted by the questions at hand.

Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

As a journalist I avoided active participation in political campaigns with one exception. In the mid-1980s I helped with my father’s council campaign in my hometown. As a teenager I volunteered in provincial and federal campaigns and organized a mock federal election in my high school that saw all federal candidates appear in a debate at my school.

Active involvement obviously happened four years ago when I ran for council.

Randy Sunderman

Candidate for City Councillor

I have been a financial agent for three different candidates in past municipal elections. I have worked on campaigns for several quality candidates running both provincially and federally over the years.

Heather Grieve

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I was a candidate for School Trustee in the 2018 civic election in the City of Kamloops.

Arjun Singh

Candidate for Mayor

I have been actively involved in many previous elections. I've volunteered in provincial and federal elections for different parties at different times. I've helped run pro electoral reform campaigns both locally and federally. And I've been a candidate in 5 civic elections. I've been elected 4 times to city council.

Jennifer Rowse

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

Jennifer volunteered at a provincial voting poll in 2009.

Jesse Ritcey

Candidate for City Councillor

This is my first time as an actual candidate but I've supported past municipal and federal candidates of a couple different parties who I felt would be best suited to make progressive change (and win, which is tough under our current voting system).

Dennis Giesbrecht

Candidate for City Councillor

I have previously run for council and was the BC Conservative candidate in Kamloops North in the last provincial election. I have volunteered on many federal campaigns for the Conservative party and I am currently the EDA Vice President.

Bonnie Cleland

Candidate for City Councillor

This is my first time! So far it is exciting, busy and I am learning a lot.

Bill Sarai

Candidate for City Councillor

Was a proud CUPW member in good standing for over 31 years. I along with our local CUPW have volunteered for federal NDP candidate in a past election. Was a big union supporter for the Jack Munro and civic leaders like Harry Rankin in my days growing up in Vancouver.
I was a candidate in the 2017 by-election and again in 2018 civic elections. Currently I am a elected Kamloops City Councillor.

Jodhbir (Jo) Kang

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

This is my first time running as a candidate, but I previously volunteered substantially with City of Kamloops Councillor Bill Sarai during his 2018 campaign!

Sadie Hunter

Candidate for Mayor

I'm a current city councillor, elected in 2018. I also ran for city council in 2017 in the local byelection and for MLA in the 2020 provincial election.

Kathleen Karpuk

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I have been a School Trustee with SD73 for the past four terms.

Stephen Karpuk

Candidate for City Councillor

I have been a candidate for the City of Kamloops City Council position in the 2017 and 2018 elections. I finished 10th in 2018. I was my own campaign manager, financial agent and with some family and friends, put up my own signs. This campaign will be the same to keep costs demonstrate by example I believe in fiscal responsibility.

Darpan Sharma

Candidate for City Councillor

I have now volunteered and managed 3 federal campaigns for the conservative party of Canada, in Kamloops Thompson Cariboo.

Caroline King

Candidate for City Councillor

I was a candidate in the 2018 civic election missing the mark by 1200 votes. I was then and remain now committed to serving my community.

I have volunteered with the BC Liberals in previous elections.

Cole Hickson

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I was elected/hired into non-partisan roles from 2016-2019 and 2020-21, which minimized my ability to fully volunteer in both provincial and federal elections.

However, I would take every opportunity possible within those gaps to take non-public facing roles in ensuring that a candidate + party who reflected my values were represented.

Those values are based on—among other things—investing in our primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, taking big money out of politics, and financial pragmatism.

Ray Dhaliwal

Candidate for Mayor

I was Elected in 2017 in a By Election and served 1 year term on Kamloops City Council.

Jordan Proctor

Candidate for City Councillor