School Districts & Areas

The province of British Columbia is divided into 59 School Districts.

Each School District is then divided into several Trustee Electoral Areas (TEA) for a total of 234 TEAs. Each TEA will have one or more Trustees to be elected to that area to make up the board for that School District.

As an example, School District 73 is divided into 5 different TEAs. Of the 5 TEAs, 1 has 5 Trustees elected while the other 4 will elect 1 Trustee. The Board of Trustees will contain a total of 9 Trustees.

School District 73

  • TEA 1 – 5 elected (Kamloops)
  • TEA 2 – 1 elected (North Thompson, areas “A” Wells Gray Country & “B” Thompson Headwaters including District of Clearwater)
  • TEA 3 – 1 elected (Barriere/Little Fort, including area “O” Lower North Thompson including District of Barriere)
  • TEA 4 – 1 elected (Chase, areas “L” & “P” Rivers and the Peaks, Village of Chase, Mountain Resort Municipality of Sun Peaks)
  • TEA 5 – 1 elected (Logan Lake, including area “J” Copper Desert Country, including the District of Logan Lake)