Candidate Help

You must have a website account for the following information. If you haven’t already created your website account to sign into the website, check out the Getting Started Page.

Answering Questions

You can view all of the questions by going to the questions page. Answering questions is very important and a great to to promote yourself and your platform.

You can get to the Questions Page by using the website navigation at the top of the website, or by clicking the “Answer Questions” button on your personal candidate page. If you use the button on your page, the questions will automatically be filtered by the office that you are running for. If you use the website navigation and would like to filter by a particular office, you can click the tag for that office up at the top of the page.

Note: If you’re seeking an endorsement from the Kamloops & District Labour Council, you must answer all of the questions asked by the KDLC. These questions will be highlighted on the questions page.

Getting Endorsements

Having local voters endorse you and your campaign can help sway other undecided voters on election day. Reach out to your friends and supporters to create an endorsement for you.

If you’re seeking the endorsement of the Kamloops & District Labour Council, please ensure that you’ve answered all of the KDLC questions.

Listing Your Event

If you’re having an election related event, you can list it on our events page. The even must be open to the public and be related to your campaign.