The Kamloops & District Labour Council’s 2022 Municipal Election Website aims to help people get the information they need to help them vote informed.

Getting Started

View the Getting Started page for information and help for setting up a website account and creating either a voter or candidate profile on this website.

Voter Help

See what sort of options are available to you as a voter and how you can interact with the candidates and other voters.

Candidate Help

Some tips and help to get your campaign page up and running.

Levels of Government

Knowing about the different levels of government in Canada is important during elections. Read a little about each level of government and what each level is responsible for.

Some issues are best brought up during elections at a specific level and while still and important issue, not applicable during every election.

Important Links

2022 General Local Elections Information
Kamloops CIty Council Candidate Information
TNRD Candidate Information
School District 73 Trustee Candidate Information

Frequently Asked Questions

View some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that pertain to local elections.

Voting Locations

View a list with accompanying map of places to vote on voting day.

Social Media Tips

Social media tips for anyone running for public office. If you’re not social media savvy, here’s a few quick tips.

City Council

View some basic information about the make up of city council and their duties.

School Districts

View some basic information about school districts, how they’re made up, and their representation.


Various boundary maps of electoral areas and districts