Jun 20, 2022 at 2:23 pm
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Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Describe how you would prioritize fire and flood management and other infrastructure issues such as poor roads and services in our community. Are you prepared to raise taxes to pay for improved infrastructure?

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

I am not able to fully answer this question as someone who hasn't worked on the budget for the City of Kamloops. I do, however, wish to be on the audit & finance committee (as I've been on the credit union AFC in the past) so that I may spend as much time as possible getting up to speed on how the budget is laid out, why expenditures continue to increase year over year, and where the priorities should be, based on input from residents. And I don't mean hosting a few budget meetings before it's unveiled annually. I mean becoming involved with a survey of residents to truly unpack the priorities of the users of the services and infrastructure that the City provides.

Kamloops residents are looking for answers and I want to be able to be straightforward about the process and how the funding was put forth.

Darrell LaRiviere

Candidate for City Councillor, School Trustee 73 - TEA1

Yes, I would vote to raise taxes to improve infrastructure. However I don't think "improved infrastructure" simply means more roads! To me, improving infrastructure means using what we've got first! If we want to reduce congestion we need to improve public transit first! Then start converting intersections to traffic circles!

We can't say that we need improved infrastructure and then say we can't raise taxes! It's the equivalent of someone wanting to renovate their own home and then wondering who will pay for the renovations.