Jun 20, 2022 at 2:24 pm
City Councillor Mayor

Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Define Fiduciary Responsibility and how would you personally apply this to an elected role in Council or the TNRD.

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

Fiduciary duty is the requirement of someone who has been entrusted stewardship over an organization (or government) to caretake the interests of others. They are expected to act honestly, in good faith and with a view to the best interests of the organization (or government).

I have been a director with a credit union for six years (recently re-elected for another 3 year term) and earned my accredited credit union director certification through the Canadian Credit Union Association. I have also earned a designation in governance through the Governance Professionals of Canada. I fully understand and appreciate the level of trust and integrity required to be a member of a board or council and am prepared for that responsibility as a fiduciary for the City of Kamloops.

Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

It’s been quite the experience being in TNRD as it deals with its many issues. I think we have made a lot of good decisions to fix it. We hired a new CAO who is dealing with a all of this. We have a new legislative supervisor who knows good governance. We it the policy committee to work — I’m on it — and we are fixing governance issues. Some of us have also been quite blunt with directors about how to fix this long-standing mess.

Arjun Singh

Candidate for Mayor

An elected official needs to assess carefully where money is being spent. And we need to develop and abide by strong financial policies and practices that prevent excess spending. At the TNRD, through a lot of hard work and frankly painful experience, we now have some of the best financial policies and practices anywhere in the country. When the TNRD board understood our policy gaps and lack of practices enabled excess spending, we took action immediately. The City of Kamloops has studied this work as well and we need to ensure our local practices and policies are very strong as well. I personally now apply an even closer look at financial information and also am proposing a review of the city's discretionary expenses for the next council.

Bonnie Cleland

Candidate for City Councillor

A fiduciary is someone who is acting in your best interests. The term is often used in relation to financial management. For example, if I were a financial advisor I would advise you on how to invest your money in a way that will grow it for you, not because it offers me a kickback.

As a Councillor, I would apply this daily in all decision making by asking specific questions during decision making. Who does this benefit the most? Does anyone gain financially from this decision, and if not would that change the decision? Does one group benefit more than the other? Is anyone left out?

By asking these questions we can identify any potential conflicts, address them and move forward with good strategic thinking.

Bill Sarai

Candidate for City Councillor

Fiduciary duties to me have been an important role as to my duties to all the residents of Kamloops. I have and will continue to debate and vote on matters only after I have all the relevant information. I also will make sure that I am in no way in conflict of the issue.
I will strictly follow all provincial and municipal guidelines on spending allowances and will listen and engage in any future councils decisions to debate pro or con.
If I get elected to the TNRD board I will follow the same principles as above .

Katie Neustaeter

Candidate for City Councillor

In essence, fiduciary responsibility in this context means responsibly looking after the best financial interest of the taxpayer.
Is our budget reflective of our priorities? Does spending policy align with ethical practise? Is responsible oversight in place so that the need for discretion is limited because the scope is narrow? Is the right staff in place to ensure the pennies are counted so the dollars can be managed? And so on.
In my role as the Executive Director of a significant local nonprofit it was my highest priority to both manage and spend dollars with the highest and most transparent practise possible, recognizing that in order to both be accountable to donors and accomplish the goals we strive for, money must be managed well.
Due diligence, full disclosure, declared conflicts of interest, confidentiality and more must be prioritized in order for the taxpayer to be satisfied.

Taj Sandur

Candidate for City Councillor

A fiduciary duty to me is simple, putting the needs of our city and it's citizens before my needs. This is achieved through being accountable, loyal, transparent, impartial, maintaining public trust, and being ethical.

This is a huge part of why I am running. I am sick and tired of watching many of the elected officials in our city either use their roles as a stepping stone to higher political aspirations, or to provide a hobby in retirement and supplement their pensions. I am running to fix the problems of this city and to ensure it remains to be a city worth living in, not only for myself but many of my peers that aren't happy with the direction we have been heading. If successful, I want to make my impact in 4 years and make the changes our city will need for the next several decades, and end my career in politics immediately after. I have many other aspirations in life, but politics is not one of them.

Sadie Hunter

Candidate for Mayor

Elected and public officials have a fiduciary duty to carry out their responsibilities in a manner that recognizes and respects the trust the public has placed in them. This means acting in the best interests of the public, especially where fiscal responsibility and ethics are concerned. I hold myself to a high standard and take my role in protecting the public interest very seriously and never for granted. I will always ask if something is in the best interest of the public.

Jesse Ritcey

Candidate for City Councillor

Fiduciary responsibility is an obligation that an elected official has to the organization they represent, that decisions are based on their interest and not your personal ones. This has typically been viewed as protecting financial assets through wise stewardships of funds, but in a position like ours we should include social and environmental protection as important considerations. Oversight, employee wellbeing, respecting conflict of interest rules, protecting confidential information are other aspects of fiduciary responsibility. As someone elected to various boards governed by the Society Act of BC I have discharged this duty in the past and continue to do so.

The TNRD debacle but also City of Kamloops Council and senior executive spending large amounts of money on catered lunches were recent breaches of fiduciary responsibility. I'm glad to see steps have been taken to address these issues. If elected I would try to set an example and question how policies and procedures reflected high ethical standards.

Stephen Karpuk

Candidate for City Councillor

To me the "fiduciary responsibility" is an obligation to work is the best interest of a party or others. It involves trust and responsibility. As an elected official I believe that we have that obligation to look after the best interests of our constituents or community. I believe that this can also be viewed in the lens of financial, or planning, in health or some other measurement. I will respond to the the financial and planning side.

For the financial side, I believe we as elected officials need to be vigilant with how the taxpayers money is spent. Sitting at City hall is not any reason to assume you are entitled to extras like working lunches/dinners all the time. I bring my own lunch to work and plan on it every day. I see no reason why that should change just because I am a city councilor. We need to look at the bottom line for decision and find efficacious ways to ensure the money spent is done in the best possible way. To me that means sometimes you will have to spend money to save money. We have a duty to be accountable, transparent and communicate effectively to those we serve. That is all part of the fiduciary duty to me financially.

From the planning side, our duty is to look at what will be best for all of our citizens. This is hard because sometimes the outcomes from some policy or decisions may not appear to benefit all. That said, if we look at the long term goal(s) and desired outcomes, we have to be comfortable making those kinds of decisions. I think trying to have less "in camera" decisions is also part of this obligation. I know we have some difficult decisions ahead and I am comfortable that I could make those to benefit the majority of our citizens.

Darpan Sharma

Candidate for City Councillor

The duty of a person/party(council) to act on behalf of somebody else (taxpayer), in most cases its financial.
I am reading the replies from several incumbents who are in this section talking about fiduciary responsibility and I can't help but think every one of them justified these catered meals and alcohol or ignored the ban on catered meals and alcohol. $677K was spent on meals and alcohol in 4 years, out of which $177K was spent on one high-end restaurant without an RFP.
I will put forward a motion in my first 10 days to ban this practice. The city quoted me $1900 to get information about the money spent on brownstone restaurant over 4 years. It left me wondering if I am in the 1970s and if they aren't using accounting software. Canadian taxpayers federation has filed for this FOI, but last time I checked they are still waiting on a response. Maybe the city will reply after this upcoming election.

Caroline King

Candidate for City Councillor

Fiduciary Responsibility, in this case, is the duty to act in a way that is financially responsible toward the taxpayers of Kamloops and TNRD.
We recently saw reports of excessive spending concerning council and city hall on the heels of the TNRD scandal. If elected, my priority would be to ban excessive spending on things like council lunches, which would save tens of thousands of dollars.
Council and staff should always be vigilant of unnecessary spending; remember that approximately every one million in expenses is a 1% tax increase.

Ray Dhaliwal

Candidate for Mayor

Fiduciary Responsibility Involves Responsibility and taking care of our City and the Best interest of our Citizens. As Mayor it would be my Responsibility to take care or Our City and Lead us to Prosperity together , for all of us...I have experience in this role as President of the Kamloops Multicultural Society Hosting Canada Day events for the Past 45 years. We Host this event for the People of our City, Serving my friends family My Staff and People of Kamloops first has been part of what i do everyday in my business and personal life. It is why i have Dedicated 40 years to being here for my community every day of the week. I Have opened many doors for people and created many opportunities for others, When i see them excel my job is done. Then i am satisfied i did my job well.