Jun 20, 2022 at 2:27 pm
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Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Describe how you will address housing needs and housing that people can afford in your community?

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

There will be a common thread within my answers; co-operatives have historically helped people through affordability crises and I know they help people in housing as well. A good example of a housing co-operative at work here in Kamloops is the Sahali Housing Co-operative. Their model allows for the purchase of a $2,000 share and then an approximate $1,000 monthly housing cost. The board of this co-operative would decide on any monthly housing cost increases which would only happen if the entire co-operative voted to approve them. These would likely only be necessary if there were some repairs or maintenance beyond the scope of the contingency fund.

I don't have experience in developing housing co-operatives myself, however, there are people in that field who can and do help communities pull these types of investments together. I fully believe that we as a City could be focusing attention on these developments as way to improve affordability of housing in Kamloops.


Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

Inclusionary zoning. It was introduced in my hometown in the 1980s and it worked. Whatever you are uulding, a percentage need to be allocated for rent geared to income or multi-family for sale that is below single-family market values. It was particularly effective in market rentals. We also need to become more creative in multi-family. Take a look at Park 17 in Denver -- really crrative modular housing. Argyle Gardens in Portland Oregon is another reative modular design.

We need to do other things. We need to improve the efficiency of the permitting system. We need to study the viability of tax exemptions for missing middle housing. We need to find more cost-effective energy efficiencies.

Darrell LaRiviere

Candidate for City Councillor, School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I propose to create the Kamloops Housing Corporation (KHC), whose purpose is to build, buy, and maintain affordable housing for Kamloops residents. Waiting for the provincial or federal government to take any action isn't working. The City of Kamloops must start building affordable housing now! Furthermore, as a not-for-profit, city-owned company it would COMPETE against private companies who do not have a vested interest in creating affordable housing.