Jun 20, 2022 at 2:27 pm
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Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

What can local governments do to attract and create green jobs and businesses in their community?

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

This is a tough one because it would require capital investment and we know how difficult those can be to pull off, but I do have ideas. Community or impact investment co-operatives are being developed across our province and funds could be used to start green energy projects such as wind turbines, solar panel fields or even a recycling facility that captures more than just the existing waste products we can currently recycle. I have been in many conversations with folks who are working to extend the parameters of these investment funds to allow for larger pools of investment.

A community investment co-operative allows a group of people to pool their funds to lend to a project the group decides upon. These are legal entities with strict rules and governance to ensure a safe investment environment, but it also allows local people to inject capital into their local communities to help bring a project to life while they earn a return on their investment. I had a speaker discuss these at a Co-op Cafe I presented just before COVID, if you'd like to see the slides from his presentation, please let me know.

Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

In Kamloops, business attraction is done at arm's length from council through Venture Kamloops and Community Futures Thompson-Nicola. Council's role is to establish priorities supporting these industries, which we have through our climate-action plan, and co-ordinate those priorities with the two organizations.

Darrell LaRiviere

Candidate for City Councillor, School Trustee 73 - TEA1

The best thing we can do is MANDATE green policies, for example I have proposals to:

1) Fix public transport in Kamloops: https://dlk.ca/transport/

2) Require local employers (and the City) to allow telecommuting when it is feasible to do so. The process to allow this has already begun in the Netherlands. This can be accomplished by:

-> Requiring employers to pay "back-office" employees for time spent commuting and pay a (per kilometer) mileage rate for commuting.
-> Applying a surtax to employers who elect not to comply.

3) Require all new (or significantly renovated) buildings to have geothermal or solar heating (or heat pumps). This requirement would be (temporarily) relaxed in order to increase affordability (in residential buildings).

Green policies attract talent!