Jun 20, 2022 at 2:31 pm
City Councillor Mayor School Trustee 73 - TEA1

Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Are you or have you ever been active in any community organizations, actions, or campaigns?
Describe your volunteer work, positions, and any tangible change to the community from your involvement. Are you still involved with this work?

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

Founding Director Kamloops Public Market Cooperative January 2018 to present
Director Interior Savings Credit Union May 2016 to present
BC Co-op Association Community of Practice May 2021 to present

Member Kamloops Food Policy Council (5 years)
Kamloops Lived Experience Community (2 years)
Kamloops Arts Council (Treasurer 2 years) (3 years)
Kamloops Minor Baseball Coach (4 years)
Community Futures Loan Committee (10 years)
Farm2Chef Collaborative (2 years)
Kamloops Voter’s Society (2 years)
TD Friends of the Environment committee; coordinated annual Shoreline Cleanup. (4 years)
Secured TD sponsorship for the Kamloops Food Bank Basics For Babies Breakfast (2 years)
TD Advancing Together committee. (2 years)
Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life committee. (3 years)

Katie Neustaeter

Candidate for City Councillor

Volunteer work:
City of Kamloops Social Planning Council (3 years), United Way TNC Campaign Cabinet Committee and Community Impact Council (7 years), Mustard Seed Coldest Night of the Year (3 years), McHappy Day (3 years), Blazers Game host (multi-season), TRU Foundation gala (multi year), Mayor’s Gala for the Arts, Kamloops Brain Injury Assoc Fundraising (multiple), BC Winter Games (2018), Kamloops Santa Claus Parade (multi year), Wildfire Response and coordination (2017 & 2021), various Rotary fundraising events and community food programs, United Way Workplace Campaign ECC (Pattison Broadcast Centre), Starfish Backpack Program (multi year), Kamloops EmpowerHER (event for leadership training for girls), Kamloops Alliance Church (10+ years, various capacities), City of Kamloops Parking Management collective (2 years), Period Promise Fundraising Campaign (4 years), Kamloops Marketplace Leaders Executive (2 years), Kamloops and District SPCA Furball Fundraiser (2 years), other community events (Overlanders Day, upcoming Tapestry Festival, Buskers Festival, etc).

I have served and volunteered in many capacities within these experiences and continue with many as well.
Because of the pause in most community events over the last 2.5yrs opportunities have been limited, but I’m so excited to reengage with my community through the avenue I love most - volunteerism!

Giving of your time has an invaluable impact on the health of the wider community and also serves as an extraordinary facilitation of learning.

Until you have considered the applications of organizations doing critical work in the community and helped determine how funding will be equitably distributed, it’s difficult to understand how paramount objective input is to the ability of our charities to function and run the programming so many vulnerable people depend on.

I continue to cherish the ability to understand the many agencies, organizations, and groups within our city that work collectively to create a community that works for all, and am committed to maintaining this level of community engagement.

Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

Where to begin? My community involvement began decades ago when I was elected to the board of the humane society in my hometown. I also volunteered with the former Childfind organization. Those positions addresses animal and child safety issues.

In Kamloops I was president of the Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association board, which provides equine therapy for children living with challenges.

I was president of the Kamloops Family Resources Society, now known as the Family Tree and it continues to do amazing work.

I was president of what was formerly known as the Kamloops Society for Community Living, now called Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion, which also provides services to Kamloopsians who live with challenges.

I was president of the Kamloops Child Development Society board, which provides needed childcare taught through nature. We proudly became the Kamloops prototype of the provincial $10/day childcare.

I was also a board member for People in Motion and Volunteer Kamloops and president of SD73 DPAC.

Nationally I was chair of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Currently I am a member of a national committee working to lobby the federal government to create a universal basic income.

In terms of impact on community, every board I have served in has focused on livability, inclusion, respect and safety. They all continue to have this impact today due to the wonderful people who step up to take in this needed work.

Randy Sunderman

Candidate for City Councillor

In the City of Kamloops I have been involved with:
1) Community Futures Thompson Country (board member for 9 years with 6 years as Treasurer and 1 year as Vice-Chair) - Community Futures has and continues to provide business loans, business support, and economic development support in Kamloops and area. It also manages the employment services in the Merritt area. It has played a key role in many business successes in the region.
2)Venture Kamloops (VK) Business Care Program (board member for 5 years) - Originally started by the North Shore BIA, this program worked continuously in supporting business facing specific challenges and new business start-ups across the City. Over the life of the program many local businesses where provide advice or guidance that helped them survive or expand. While the program has changed, VK along with its partners continues to support business development and retention in the City.
3) Aberdeen Neigbhourhood Association (ANA) (board member 7 years, current President) - ANA focuses on connecting and supporting resident in Aberdeen. Current projects include the Bee Friendly garden development, Adopt-a-Road program, and establishment of a community Forest - all in the West Highlands Park. Past projects include the Winter Carnivals, Coffee Houses, Fire Smart workshop, community garden development, lighting walkways for safety, spring flower give-away, and the odd Neighbourhood Garage Sales. In addition, the ANA has spoken and continues to speak on neighbourhood issues such as ground water, street safety, emergency fire exits, major project development, new residential development and OCP updates.
4) City of Kamloops Revitalization Tax Exemption (RTE) Committee (Community representative, 1 year) - working with business representatives and City staff updated the RTE bylaw which brought in changes for the North Shore and Downtown along with a new hotel revitalization. Key outcomes are efforts to support new daycare development and foster new affordable housing units in the City.
5) Kamloops Voters Society (Board member 9 years, President for 2 years) - this organization speaks to issues of good governance, local government transparency and building community through resident engagement. Recent work includes dialogue with the City on establishing a new heavy industrial, investigating and advocating for change to TNRD spending and governance approaches, and undertaking larger community resident surveys on the implication of street issues in the City and TNRD spending concerns.
5) Kamloops Area Preservation Association (Board member 5 years) - this organizations speaks to issues associated with the Kamloops area environment.
6) Kamloops Kiwanis Club (member 3 years) - this organization raises funding for residents undergoing hardship and children's programming. Involved in fund raising for the NorKam Key Club, A Way Home Kamloops and many others.
7) Kamloops Chamber of Commerce ( member 3 years) - A key business support organization in Kamloops that does advocacy and research on many City issues impact business locally.

Outside the City I have been involved in:
8) BC Economic Development Association (Board member for 5 years of which 3 years as Treasurer) - this organization focused on supporting economic development officers across the province and advocated for local economic development approaches.
9) FORREX's (Forest Research Extension Partnership), socio-economic advisory committee (Committee member 3 years) - this committee focused on ensuring research of major industries, better understood Indigenous values in land management, and rural communities involvement in land use decisions was recognized in FORREX research.
10) BC Government's Inland Port Steering Committee (served as interior economic development representative for Ministry (2 years) - This project has led to one of the development of the Inland Port in Ashcroft which is now one of the largest employers in the Ashcroft and Cache Creek area.

Heather Grieve

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I have been actively involved in community coaching in youth soccer, basketball and volleyball. School and community sports wouldn’t be possible without community volunteers and believe that I have been a part of giving increased access to sports to youth in our community through volunteering my time. I am a parent who volunteers to assist with Kamloops Volleyball Association club team duties. I am still currently involved in coaching. In the past I have been a volunteer at a crisis line, and a volunteer member of the community critical incident stress debriefing team. I believe both the crisis line and critical incident stress debriefing volunteering offered supports to persons in crisis and those impacted by critical events.

Jennifer Rowse

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

PAC member Treasure
Dormic Park Elementary- 2019-2021

PAC member
Dufferin Elementary- 2021-2022

Arjun Singh

Candidate for Mayor

I've been active and involved in many different community organizations througout the years. I've worked on issues like youth homelessness, promotion of technology related businesses, and climate action. My main involvements right now include the Kamloops Rotary Club where I've been on the executive for many years. At our Rotary club, we focus mainly on food security and youth. We've also helped many people with funding needs that don't alway fit into the regular funding programs. I'm also a volunteer coach with the Kamloops RunClub. Watching people bring healthy change into their lives by increasing their physical and mental health with a group of new friends is a real joy!

Bill Sarai

Candidate for City Councillor

Since moving here in 1995, I have volunteered for the AE Perry PAC till 2010. I also was a volunteer coach and was appointed to Norbrock soccer association executive committee from 1997-2010. Also served one term on the Kamloops Social Planning committee in the 2002-2003.
Have gladly volunteered on both the Summer and Winter games held in Kamloops.

Jesse Ritcey

Candidate for City Councillor

Yes, some of the activities I've been involved in include:

Kamloops Naturalist Club board member: helped coordinate Lac Du Bois grasslands cleanups and McArthur Island/BC Rivers Day cleanups. Various campaigns to support expansion of park land and protection from environmental impacts. I've continued this work, although I've left the board and for most of the past four years been involved in a paid employee capacity, being able to do the most wonderful projects. These include running a three year youth environmental leadership program from 2019 to 2021 working with students from area high schools and TRU. Helping coordinate an indigenous food sovereignty, public health, and community building project in partnership with Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc, Skeetchestn, and Whispering Pines bands. Overseeing a participatory research study on advancing urban nature through the use of native plants around homes and businesses.

Kamloops Food Policy Council board member/Co-President: For the past few years I've been on the board of KFPC. In a volunteer capacity assisting with grant writing, strategic planning, hiring, the Butler Urban Farm project on the North Shore, media interviews, and event organizing. I'm continuing on the board, although I've stepped back for the duration of the election as KFPC is an active advocate for a more sustainable, regenerative, and just food system.

Kamloops Pride Board: I'm just coming to a close of my first year on the board! It's been an awesome experience helping with event planning, outreach, and pride week.

Other clubs/organizations like participating in the Kamloops Permaculture group (as well as helping organize a couple field trips), sharing horticulture knowledge on the Kamloops Green and Garden facebook page, participating in the Kamloops Voter Society reboot, facilitating community discussion around civic issues on the Kamloops Dialogue Nexus facebook page, and advocating for the Community Climate Action Plan alongside allies from Transition Kamloops and BC Sustainable Energy Association Kamloops chapter.

Jodhbir (Jo) Kang

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I have been an active volunteer/member of many community organizations.

I volunteered as a federally security cleared personnel with the Kamloops RCMP. This included programs such as speed watch, bike patrol, citizens on patrol, and etc. I did this for more than 4 years while completing my Police and Justice Studies here at Thompson Rivers University.

I volunteer my time within our school district by coaching during basketball season. My most recent team was the Grade 8 boys at Brock Middle School.

In addition, I am an active member of the Kamloops Sikh Gurdwara Sahib and have volunteer as kitchen support every single Sunday for the last 15+ years. On Sundays, people of all backgrounds are welcomed for a free vegetarian lunch.

Sadie Hunter

Candidate for Mayor

I have actively volunteered for the Kamloops YW/YMCA, Kamloops Pit Stop and with the Kamloops Rotary Club as a member. I also volunteered with the planning and organizing for both StartUp Weekend, the StartUp Canada Awards and the Amazing Race to Inclusion in 2019. I am currently part of the planning committee for the upcoming 2022 Amazing Race to Inclusion which aims to educate others on the experiences of those with diverse abilities.

Kathleen Karpuk

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

I have been active with Rotary, as a 4-H Leader, as a volunteer with the United Church Youth Drama productions, a Board member for the Kamloops Tsunami Summer Swim Club and other groups. I am still active with Rotary and the swim club. Rotary actively works to improve the quality of life for all Kamloopsians throught their support of the Food Bank, school programs and many other initiatives.

Taj Sandur

Candidate for City Councillor

I don't have a running tally of all of the things I have volunteered for as I never felt the need advertise where and how I was helping out, I was just happy to be helping people. I never anticipated a shift into politics so I haven't kept serious track of my community involvement.

I have volunteered in a few roles that I can recall recently. Most recently I have sponsored, helped organize and volunteered at the Summer League Block Party series - two local events from which all profits were donated to BC SPCA.

I worked with Ukrainian Canadians and helped organize efforts to fundraise and organize shipments of tactical gear from Canada and across the world into Ukraine. We had last been able to set up an operation within Ukraine to build and supply body armour and other supplies to Ukrainian soldiers fighting the war in their home country. Kamloops Stands With Ukraine was the local effort but we worked with a larger organization called Second Front Ukraine. This was important to me because I knew many Ukrainians that I met through my time at TRU that had adopted Kamloops as home, and I wanted them to know that our community cares.

Through Covid, my volunteering and community activism was limited. Not only did the pandemic have an impact on how we were all interacting but I was also battling health issues at that time.

During the wildfires, I worked at and donated to the Kamloops Food Bank. I hopped in whenever I had time to help unload shipments and help organize the donations.

I'm working to establish a resource group of young professionals that can provide guidance for aspiring business owners. I'm hopeful that we can help provide the next generation with the right advice to cultivate new ideas in our city.

There have been other events and organizations that I've helped out at. Often times when anyone asks for my assistance, I show up but I don't always remember all of the different events and roles I'm in. In my culture, it is an integral part of our Sikh religion called "Seva" which translates selfless service to others and it was taught to me thoroughly by my mother. I was always told not to recount when I had helped others because it would be done so in vanity, and then it would not truly be a selfless act.

Stephen Karpuk

Candidate for City Councillor

I am a charter member of the Rotary Club of Kamloops over the past 18+ years and I am currently serving my second term as club President. I have been very active as a club member. I was instrumental in bringing the 2017 RCMP Musical Ride to Kamloops raising almost $90k for community. This money benefited the Away Home program, McQueen Lake Centre, and the Therapeutic Riding Centre. I am hoping we will be successful for bringing the 2023 RCMP Musical Ride back to Kamloops.

The funds from our club's fundraising over the past 18+ years has supported schools for AV equipment, jerseys, robotic kits, scholarships, white boards, chrome books, etc. It also supported programs, like the starfish backpack programs, Rotary Youth exchange, young leadership programs in Kamloops and in Canada.

For a couple of years now I have been actively helping the Kamloops Food Bank by coordinating Rotarians to distribute the yellow bags into areas not serviced by the newspaper delivery. This has increased the returns for Rotary Food Drive (Saturday September 24th!). I have been in 27 Rotary Food Drives over the years.

Our club has an adopt a road and trail that we pick up trash and pull weeds on.

I have been a mentor to our junior Rotary club, the Kamloops Hybrid Interact club, aged 12-18, for the past 4+ years and I am currently acting again as a mentor to these incredible young people.

I have also arranged for our club to work with our City staff to reduce our fire risk and do some FireSmart fuel reduction on some city greenspaces. We are planning to begin this work next March 2023 in the Sifton area of Aberdeen in partnership with our Interact club and local community members.

Overall, I feel the that my continued involvement in Rotary benefits our community and me. I get the fellowship, fun from working with a great group of people and I think our community benefits from the changes we are able to funds or make happen.

Darpan Sharma

Candidate for City Councillor

I have been a past board member of the Kamloops Hindu cultural society, I have worked as a board member with our wonderful team for the last 5 years and we have successfully managed big events like Diwali which has seen the Kamloops community attend in the hundreds. I have also been a very proud campaign manager and volunteer for the conservative party of Canada federal campaign in the Kamloops area.
I take extreme pride in my work with the Kamloops Hindu cultural society in bringing forward and promoting Indian/Hindu culture with the amazing people of Kamloops. I had to step down 1 month ago due to my candidacy in the civic election.

Caroline King

Candidate for City Councillor

I have been an active volunteer within my community for most of my adult life, spending the past few decades working with our community's vulnerable populations, including support for our growing senior population. Currently, I am very proud of the work we do at the society of St. Vincent de Paul towards senior socialization and meal programs.

Cole Hickson

Candidate for School Trustee 73 - TEA1

Working for positive change in our community has been a driving motivator in my adult life.

From being a volunteer basketball coach to running the largest regional funding campaign in our university's history, my commitment has always been to build connections and community within ours.

To this day, I remain resolute in my commitment to volunteer and work as much as possible for my community and frankly have lost count of all the places I am a part of (Kiwanis, Rotaract, etc.).

My major campaign experience includes:

Fund the Future:

• We made an external focus, non-partisan campaign that identified TRU's funding shortfall of $15 million a year and worked to build collective community support to address this inequity.
• This led to the most ambitious -- and successful -- external campaign in our students' union's history, and as of last year, it has been committed to action by the provincial government.


• Working to ensure that both our members and those within the Kamloops community could have ready access to high-quality information that could aid in their voting decision.
• Conducted in-depth interviews with municipal, MLA, and MP candidates in order to provide both students— and members of the community—an accessible resource to understand whom they would want to represent them.
• Creating mixer opportunities for students and members of our community to speak directly to their candidates.

Strengthening municipal/provincial connections:

• In addition to working with all the future municipal councilors, our committee worked diligently to create a more harmonious relationship between the City of Kamloops and TRU.
• Examples include: attending every public consultation on civic matters, meeting with city staff on important projects, submitting provincial budget consultations, and empowering students to have a firmer understanding and take action within our city.

Financial aid:

• Our committee worked to ensure that an evidence-based/economically sound approach to financial aid for higher education would be followed.
• This effort led to a collaborative push on need-based grants and collaboration with the British Columbian Federation of Students to extensively lobby the Provincial government with
• Through these efforts, the adoption of need-based grants was successfully formalized in BC's 2020 budget

Student budget consultation(s):

• The bi-annual development and outreach on a survey that students can answer and provide feedback to better help shape our advocacy priorities within TRU.

Business survey:

• Worked to ensure that the Kamloops and District Chamber of Commerce and regional community would have the best representation possible in the Chamber's strategic 2021-2025 strategic plan through the development of an inclusive member and non-member business survey

Fair vote BC:

• Spent weeks phone canvassing to get better vote representation within our province.

As president of the TRUSU Eco club we did three initiatives in one semester:

• Created a compost program for our Students' Union coffee shop.
• Raising over $200 for an air quality monitor via several successful fundraisers.
• Oversaw the collection + presentation of 1000 signatures of students, faculty, and staff to the Kamloops City Council about a controversial mining project above our city.

Ray Dhaliwal

Candidate for Mayor

I have Been involved with the Kamloops Multicultural Society for 45 years hosting the Canada Day Folkfest Events in Kamloops, I am A Member of the Brock Lions Club Anavets Kamloops Legion North and South Business Improvement associations ,The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and am Actively involved with all the groups mentioned, i was also a past member of the North Kamloops Rotary Club and the Brock Seniors Centre as a Board Member

Jordan Proctor

Candidate for City Councillor

Over the course of 5 years I became the President of the SORCE mountain bike club in Surrey and advocated for the construction of the Invergarry bike park. As part of this project we focused a large portion of our efforts into creating a culture of community ownership and maintenance to ensure the park continued to thrive for years to come.
Since moving to Kamloops, I have been on the board of directors fo the KBRA during which time I spearheaded the revitalization of the Stake Lake Stomp trail network. I have also worked with the Kamloops Performance Cycling Center in organizing and hosting trail days, helping with events, and being a volunteer at large for whatever needs arise.