Jun 20, 2022 at 2:29 pm
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Kamloops and District Labour Council asks:

Describe your position on Contracting Out and Public Private Partnerships and how they effect existing jobs.

- Kamloops and District Labour Council

Candidate Answers

Daphane Nelson

Candidate for City Councillor

My personal belief is that jobs should be sourced locally as much as possible. In terms of Contracting Out and PPPs, I don't have much experience in these areas.

Dale Bass

Candidate for City Councillor

Fundamentally I have always been against contracting out if it impacts unionized workers. That’s a given. In terms of P3s, I see them as a potential solution in some situations but I’m not a big fan of them.

The important consideration for both issues is how does it impact Kamloopsians?

Shantel Renner

Candidate for City Councillor

At any point, I strongly believe all jobs should be sourced and manned locally before being put out for tender and bringing in workforce from out of town.

Darrell LaRiviere

Candidate for City Councillor, School Trustee 73 - TEA1

PPP's definitely have a place - in the garbage with other bad ideas! As for contracting out, I am a firm believer that the City should only contract out what can't be done by City employees.